We’re Going to Key West (but not by boat)
We’re Going to Key West (but not by boat)
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We’re Going to Key West (but not by boat)

It’s labor day weekend, Saturday, and Sean heard from Swamp about the boat. Apparently, he’s got everything taken care of, installed the electronic ignition, checked out the generator and he feels like Prime Time is in, well, prime time. Unfortunately, with everything else going on, we decided it would be best to get our Key West work trip out of the way before we take off. That way we won’t have a precise time table. Also, unfortunately, this means dad’s schedule no longer coincides with taking us back up to Omaha. He has some prior commitments that are really important he keep. So, I shortened the trip to a week and used our award tickets we already had to St. Louis (when we originally thought the boat would be there by now). Now we fly out to Key West from Columbia on the 5th and back from Key West into St. Louis the 12th. I’ve found a Hertz rental off airport that we can get for about $55 a day with a one way rental to Nebraska. So now the plan is to fly in Wednesday around 5:30 pm; Uber to Florissant and pick up an SUV before 6 pm when they close (yes, I will need a plan ‘b’) and drive home to Jeff City. We’ll stay Wednesday, maybe Thursday nights at our house then drive to Omaha. That would give us a couple days with the boat to make sure she’s provisioned and ready to go. I have us returning the rental on Sunday.

The goal is to pull into Coopers on the weekend so they have the restaurants open and entertainment. Ideally we’d get there on the 21st and leave the 23rd, allowing plenty of time for friends to come down and dad to get the work done that he’d planned to do. (Although there is nothing on Cooper’s calendar for that weekend; I need to call them to find out). From there it should only be two more nights to St. Louis area.

Dad’s list includes:

  • Caulk for the shower stall
  • Install new shower curtain (may need to be cut down)
  • Install new shower head
  • Troubleshoot the head exhaust fan
  • Clean the upper air unit
  • Install freezer latch/closure
  • Replace genny switch on the instrument panel (momentary contact 5 wire spring loaded)
  • Replace green lights on the instrument panel
  • Bring window cleaner for the film
  • Switch the microwave to its own circuit
  • Things to bring: dwell meter, timing light, drill bits


While in Key West…

  • Get the Artisan Market organized
  • Meet with Paradise Tattoo about Fantasy Fest
  • Find Pigeon Key stats
  • Set a board meeting for Stock Island
  • Get our cottage organized
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