Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday One of the best parts about being in a marina is the camaraderie! It was fun to be invited down the dock for kitchen sink Bloody Mary's on Sunday and take a break from the work! This one had a meatball, pickle, onion, olive and even a shrimp hiding down at the bottom.

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What Now? Plan B (or C, or D?)

We left Columbia, MO by 8 am and made it to the Marina shortly after 1 pm. After dock introductions and a quick bite to eat, we set about unloading the overpacked van. The first thing we did was set up the new bed. The 12” memory foam mattress is 24-48 hours out of the box before it fully expands. That went over the new foldable lightweight platform frame, selected because it gives enough clearance to store full size totes underneath, negates the need for a box spring and ability to move it out of the way when we need into the…

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Making Plans

We’ve had a whole week now to work on our plan. It’s been the most back and forth jumbled up mixed up mess on top of trying to catch up with work, house showings, research and learning how to start and monetize a blog (which for now, I’m putting on the back burner). But here’s what we do know, in a chicken/egg sort of way: Turns out our housing is still available in Key West. For now. We still have airfare booked from Columbia to Key West on September 5. It’s on award tickets so dates can be changed, if needed. We…

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Second Thoughts

Driving back to Missouri Sunday afternoon we are making lists of all the things that has to be done, how much it’s going to cost and how the logistics will work. I start to realize how absolutely complicated it’s going to be. And expensive. Sean is giving me the math on the cost of fuel for a trip starting in Omaha and ending in Key West and I’m blown away. I mean, I knew it was going to be crazy but just didn’t realize it would be off the charts certifiably nuts. Then we get out the calendar and start on making…

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Flooding at NP Dodge Marina

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The boat was on Craigslist then gone then it reappeared...turns out the marina was closed for several weeks due to flood conditions on the Missouri River. During that time the owner wasn't able to get to or show the boat which ultimately worked out great for us! See more video 

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Buying Prime Time

It all started with a craigslist alert I’d set in May and a boat I’d spotted that looked really interesting... Fast forward to the end of July and some serious star alignment…If Sean had not had to drive water taxi at the Lake of the Ozarks. If we had found a great vacation spot to use up the expiring Wyndham rewards points. If we hadn’t just learned our housing in Key West for the season was falling apart. If the River house hadn’t been rented for three days through AirBnB forcing us to vacate. If the Missouri River hadn’t flooded closing the…

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