A Sleepless Night

A Sleepless Night Wowzer. What a storm. It started raining about 9 am on Sunday morning it was still pouring when we loaded out Monday. The forecast predicted heavy thunderstorms all day and that, coupled with the necessary maintenance, meant we were not leaving as hoped. Or anytime this week since Sean had to get back to work. After testing out our new heat-resistant pad on the new bow table, we had a great dinner of BBQ chicken. Everyone else had left the docks for the weekend so it was nice and quiet, except for the continuous rain. Dad and I turned…

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Making Plans

We’ve had a whole week now to work on our plan. It’s been the most back and forth jumbled up mixed up mess on top of trying to catch up with work, house showings, research and learning how to start and monetize a blog (which for now, I’m putting on the back burner). But here’s what we do know, in a chicken/egg sort of way: Turns out our housing is still available in Key West. For now. We still have airfare booked from Columbia to Key West on September 5. It’s on award tickets so dates can be changed, if needed. We…

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Second Thoughts

Driving back to Missouri Sunday afternoon we are making lists of all the things that has to be done, how much it’s going to cost and how the logistics will work. I start to realize how absolutely complicated it’s going to be. And expensive. Sean is giving me the math on the cost of fuel for a trip starting in Omaha and ending in Key West and I’m blown away. I mean, I knew it was going to be crazy but just didn’t realize it would be off the charts certifiably nuts. Then we get out the calendar and start on making…

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Flooding at NP Dodge Marina

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The boat was on Craigslist then gone then it reappeared...turns out the marina was closed for several weeks due to flood conditions on the Missouri River. During that time the owner wasn't able to get to or show the boat which ultimately worked out great for us! See more video www.comealongcharters.com 

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