Getting It Done

Things are moving right along in the Prime Time adventure of Jill & Captain Sean. The boat has traveled from Omaha to Cooper's Landing in Missouri and is almost ready for the next part of the journey.Time for ChangeI woke straight up in bed at 3:45 am, panicked. In my dream I had been working to get everything done and it was like groundhog day; I wasn’t making any progress, just repeating the same tasks over and over. It’s Sunday and we have five more days in the house I’ve owned and lived in for 21 years. We’re supposed to close next…

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Party at Cooper’s Landing!

Jill & Sean have it from Omaha to Cooper's Landing, which is near where they live in Jefferson City, Missouri. The boat is going to stay here a bit while some work gets done. But first, we're going to celebrate!The next day we head back down to the boat to get the shore power organized and get started on a thorough cleaning. A week of boat camping has her a big mess inside and out. I strip the beds and get all the laundry together and try to work on the big stain the ice water leaking from the cooler bags made…

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Making Friends

Captain Sean and “Admiral” Jill are on board Prime Time with Come Along Charters and our guests Mary Ann and John headed from Omaha to Cooper’s Landing near Columbia Missouri. This is the third leg of the journey after Brownville and St. Joseph. St. Joseph to Atchison We didn’t leave until about 4 pm so we all agreed Atchison should be our destination. Sean and I had scoped it out with dad on a previous trip and we knew they had good, secure docks and the downtown was in walking distance. Leaving St. Joe as we passed by the town, we were…

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