Good Times/Bad Times

Or all's well that ends wellWe arrived at the marine a little after 11 pm on Friday. We’d gotten a late start, in part because the new buyer for our house came at 10 am to get a lesson on the pontoon boat and the home inspection took from 11 am to 2 pm. I popped out to Walmart to pick up the camping portable potty I ordered, a new unbreakable coffee pot and some last minute supplies and came back and fixed a massive bunch of dill potato salad and Helen’s pasta salad for the dock party on Saturday and some…

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A Sleepless Night

A Sleepless Night Wowzer. What a storm. It started raining about 9 am on Sunday morning it was still pouring when we loaded out Monday. The forecast predicted heavy thunderstorms all day and that, coupled with the necessary maintenance, meant we were not leaving as hoped. Or anytime this week since Sean had to get back to work. After testing out our new heat-resistant pad on the new bow table, we had a great dinner of BBQ chicken. Everyone else had left the docks for the weekend so it was nice and quiet, except for the continuous rain. Dad and I turned…

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Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday One of the best parts about being in a marina is the camaraderie! It was fun to be invited down the dock for kitchen sink Bloody Mary's on Sunday and take a break from the work! This one had a meatball, pickle, onion, olive and even a shrimp hiding down at the bottom.

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